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Climate Essay Name: Institution: Climate Essay In a typical workplace, part of one’s job in any workplace is likely to involve listening to individuals their concerns, ideas as well as instruction. Notably, active listening can be considered as a skill in itself. Instead of one passively absorbing what is being articulated, active listening entails trying to comprehend what the speaker is saying and helping the clarify for both of you what they mean. It is important to note that it is easy to listen without hearing what is being said. Some of the common reasons for failure to listen actively include the lack of attention, workplace distractions as well as the interpersonal distractions among others. Therefore, active listening has various advantages because it implies that the listener is wholly engaged in the listening process and pays considerable attention to the spirit behind the spoken words as to their surface meaning. Active listening is essential for career success, organization effectiveness as well as worker satisfaction. Guffey and Loewy (2010) highlight that good listeners make good managers and that the best listeners are likely to advance more rapidly in their organizations. Notably, listening is particularly relevant to the workplace because employees spend a great deal of time doing it. On the job, a worker should expect to be involved in various types of listening. These include listening to the supervisors, to colleagues as well as the customers. Considering that the health care industry is service-oriented, an entire healthcare organization ought to listen to its clients, employees as well as government agencies and other stakeholders.

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