Climate Change

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Name Institution Instructor Date Climate Change Introduction The world climate is changing. There is a general increase in warming up of the earth, and there is a scientific agreement that this change is a reality in the, making. The continuous increase in global warming and the resultant effect are much worse than expected this can be witnessed by species reduction on their habitats and the chances of the ecosystem to adapt naturally are reducing drastically. The big question is how do climate change occur and what are the contributing causes. Climate change occurs as a result of global warming which is an increase in the average worldwide temperatures. The increase in the average temperatures is as a result of emission of carbon dioxide always referred to as greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and this is influenced by human activities (Change 198). This warming up of the planet consequently leads to the changes in climatic conditions which in the long run adversely affect the weather in different capacities and regions. The origin and the discovery of greenhouse gasses effects can be attributed the great physician John Tyndall who was passionate promoter and defender of the scientific naturalism whereby trying to understand the issue of great ice age fluctuate in climate. Several strides have also been made by researchers towards the analysis and study of the climate change, for example, Charles Keeling who developed the Keeling curve, the graph that plots the change in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the year 1958 in Hawaii. Scientifically and experimentally, sun’s energy drives the weather and the climate and as a

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