Climate change theories: cause and effect

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Change in climate Student’s Name University/College Change in climate Abstract The change in climate is an important issue not only to one nation but to all nations across the world. As a result of this, nations have taken their time in understanding what causes global warming and if the findings can assist in resolving the change in climate. In this regards, the paper introduces the change in climate and noting the key areas that it intend to discuss in length. The paper goes further to examine how the theories such as Anthropogenic Global warming, human forces, ocean currents, and variability of solar cause the change in climate. At the same, it discusses the effects that the theories outlined above have on the global warming. In addition to this, the paper provides a lengthy discussion on how the change in climatic benefits the nations. The major reason behind pointing out the advantages of the change in climate is to reduce the worrying on the increase of the global warming. On a similar note, it presents the disadvantages of the change in climate. The paper concludes by providing a summary of the discussion. Introduction The constant increase of the global warming has been a matter of great concern across the globe. Nations around the world firmly believe that if no measure is put in place, then the field such as agriculture, environment, health, and country’s economy would continue to be negatively affected by the change in climate. Apart from the mentioned concerns, meteorologists have noted a worrying trend. They have pointed out that as the global warming increases, counties that have reached or close to temperature levels would mostly be

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