Classroom Positive Behavior Support Plan III

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Classroom Positive Behavior Support Plan Student’s Name: University Affiliation: Date: Classroom Positive Behavior Support Plan Teaching Expectations The students are expected to be respectful always. Respect in the classroom is demonstrated by the children being able to listen to others as they speak and by raising their hands so that they can be granted permission to talk. Children are also expected to use appropriate language when talking to each other and the teachers as well. On the same, it is required of them to use appropriate volume in class, and the teacher indicts. Respect is necessary for the classroom since it helps create a safe learning environment for all students. Learning is made effective in an emotionally safe environment because the students feel like they belong to a team and can learn new ideas and take opinions from others. It gives them an equal sharing opportunity, therefore, promoting learning. Safety is another social-behavioral expectation in the school. Classroom material must be used appropriately. The sitting posture must be proper, and the area where each student sits must be clean and free of clutter. When materials are kept safely, efficiency is added to the classroom. Keeping hands off one another helps prevent undesirable situations, and a proper posture helps with the level of attention thus promoting learning. Relationally, children are expected to show kindness towards one another. This is done by talking to each other positively, treating fellow students with fairness and being sure to promote learning among other students. Through the demonstration of kindness, unity and empathy become part of learning.

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