Classroom Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) Plan: Part IV

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Classroom Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) Plan: Part IV Consequence and monitoring: Name of student: Name of institution: Discouraging Behavioral Violations & Corrective Consequences Every school and classroom has its expectations. Each student is expected to respect and abide by the rules and regulations, which includes maintaining positive behavior. It is the role of the educator to discourage behavior violations by students through instructing them through corrective consequences as set by the school laws. This reinforcement system instills an intrinsic motivation to the students and helps them improve their behavior (Skiba et al., 2011). Mostly, students violate behavior due to two reason. One, they lack the knowledge, skills, and motivation towards engaging in the correct behavior responses in the classroom. At the school, students are expected to maintain silence in their classes. Inappropriate discussions must be avoided as they are not authorized by the educator (Skiba, & Losen, 2016). They are not allowed to write anything on the floor, desks, or shelves. The students should respect all property and seek help from the instructor whenever possible. Students must also not be late for arrival at school. However, there are two typical classroom expectations that students violate including maintaining equality in the classroom and respecting the school’s property (Maag, 2001). The school has four classes, which are all open. Students have to shift between classrooms alternatively. Maintaining silence during these sessions is somewhat tricky since students tend to bully the minority groups as they move around. Additionally, other students

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