Classical Conditioning

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Classical Conditioning Psychology is a broad field that strives to explain human behavior. Classical conditioning is a part of psychology that can be used to explain almost all aspects of how humans behave. Classical conditioning is based on the observations from Pavlov’s experiment. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physician credited with experiments that led to the concept of classical conditioning using a dog and a bell. Pavlov’s experiment involved hooking a dog to some form of mechanism that enabled measuring of the dog’s saliva as the bell rings before the dog is fed with a meat powder. The process continues to a point whereby the dog could salivate upon hearing the sound of the bell. There are four components of classical conditioning. Unconditioned stimulus is natural and instinctive eliciting the response which is targeted. Conditioned stimulus, on the other hand, causes the targeted response. Conditioned and unconditioned responses are almost similar, but their difference is that unconditioned response occurs due to unconditioned stimulus whereas conditioned response is as a result of conditioned stimulus. From Pavlov’s experiment, we can derive examples of the four components of classical conditioning. Meat powder is an example of unconditional stimulus in Pavlov’s experiment whereas the sound of the bell is conditioned stimulus. Conditioned and unconditioned responses are the saliva. Classical conditioning is applicable in everyday life. Learning is an important aspect of everyday life. It is how people develop cognition, memory and learn to associate different elements in the environment. Everyday behavior is influenced by classical conditioning. Nervous

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