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Classical Research: Effects of Parenting Styles on Children Development Name: Institution: Abstract Parenting styles affect the development and the performance of children in a great way. Parents who learn the art of good parenting early in advance raise healthy kids who are able to deal with various issues of life as they arise at a young age and in adulthood. Different researchers have engaged in the search for truth by studying various mechanisms that show a relationship between parenting styles and kids educational achievements. Other researchers that analyze a wider view of the interaction between parenting and the cognitive, social, and physical development of children have also been done. Baumrind is one of the renowned researchers whose contribution is this field of psychology is undeniable. The researcher presents even parenting styles and analyses each of the styles in relation to kid’s development and educational achievements. The researcher concludes that the best approach to parenting is the use of authoritative style because it produces the most effective results in children. Modern scholars who seek not only to expound on the existing information but also to fill in the gaps of information have advanced the findings of the research further. The continued research on this topic helps counseling psychologists in determining bets therapy skills to employ while dealing with problematic kids. Classical Research: Effects of Parenting on Children Development The connection between parenting practices and children development is a topic that has been widely researched over the years. Psychologists seek to understand such connections for purposes of

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