Classic Motivational Theories

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Classic Motivational Theories Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Classic Motivational Theories Theory X and Theory Y are classic motivational theories which are applicable in different organizational scenarios. These theories have both advantages and disadvantages. Even though theory X has been historically perceived to contain more limitations as compared to theory Y, when employed in some instances, it yields fruitful results to the organization. Notably, theory x was the initial classic motivational theory that was used to examine employees behavior in the organization as far as leadership is concerned (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2013). The theory has been associated with autocratic leadership in the organization. It has been used to implicate how human nature calls for strict guidelines for employees to perform. It shows that in the current democratic society, it would be challenging for employees to work without a certain set of rules. This is to mean that the theory asserts that employees cannot be governed by self-drive. On the other hand, Theory Y is described as a favorable theory which is lenient to employees. The theory indicates that self-drive can be used in an organization and eventually ensure quality performance. With this theory, employees are provided with favorable work conditions. They are allowed several privileges and benefits. They are included in decision making, supported to become innovative and motivated in all undertakings that concern the organization (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2013). Unlike Theory X which is more of dictatorial, Theory Y is lenient and fosters democratic management style. It is clear that this

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