Classic English Literature Revised

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Professor's name Student's name Course Date Simple Outline for DRE 098 Remember, if you are writing this for me to preview, your ONLY FULL SENTENCES SHOULD BE: Thesis, Topic Sentences, Major details, and Quotes Introduction: Attention Grabber: It is a right for everybody in the society to have access to education, this was first envisaged in the universal declaration of human rights. Background Ideas: Education should always focus on full human development and promote respect for the human right as well as develop unity among people. Education is not a smooth path. Students encounter several obstacles before they finally manage to finish their studies. According to UNESCO education should be free, compulsory and quality and anybody who denies anybody education is violating the person's human rights. Thesis statement: For this, we are expounding on some of the challenges are obstacles which might prevent people from accessing education in the society. Body Paragraph 1: Topic Sentence: Lack of enough resources MDl 1: First and foremost with the increases in the number of people requiring education. With the increasing cost of living it is making education more expensive to access. Your Know: Education is an expensive venture that requires a lot of resources. These resources are needed for the education system to be successful. The resources vary according to the different needs of the students and the teachers. Quote: For there to be still learning in the education process it requires a lot of resources and materials. Material and resources that are necessary for the smooth running of education systems are quite enormous. Expl. of Qte: This is

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