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Class Discussion Name Institution Class Discussion Summary Managing behaviors is one of the a common challenges that teachers experience during class lessons. Well, it is understandable that some teachers are naturally active in this area and might endure proceeding even with minimal student’s attention. Other teachers have to work harder to be effective teachers in behavior management. The cCircumstance in all classes for this matter, are different therefore teachers are obliged to quickly establish what practice works better with a particular group of students. From what I understood, a single strategy would not be enough to implement positive behaviors. Instead, it would take a combination of several plans to create a desirable atmosphere that maximizes learning processes. The styles of managing classroom can either be proactive or reactive. A dynamic situation is when a person acts to create or control a condition rather than responding to it when it has just happened already. Here, classroom management is considered as cultural socialization whereby it is an ongoing process that incorporates both teachers and students seeking to understand expectations and goals. Reactive supervision, on the other hand, is showing a response to a stimulus. Management that focuses on intervention and disciplines plans to handle bad behaviors is considered to be reactive. The proactive strategy would be best and efficient in monitoring classroom disruptions. Ideas and Techniques for Managing Classroom Disruptions Establishing classroom rules and expectations is a useful technique that would help maintain student’s attention all through. Rules are negative in nature and

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