Claiming Cultural Citizenship (1960s-Present)

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Precious Knowledge documentary film portrays what motivates the Tuscon High schools teachers and students who are seen to be leading an epic battle for civil rights. While approximately fifty percent of the Mexican American high school students were dropping out of school, the Tuscon’s ethnic studies program became an educational success around the nation, with an average of ninety percent of the student graduating from the high school level and approximately 85 percent qualifying for college level education ("Watch Precious Knowledge Online | Vimeo On Demand"). However, the lawmakers in Arizona tried to close down the program since they had a notion that the students were being indoctrinated with some malicious ideologies and embracing some destructive ethnic chauvinism. The documentary was timely since the nation turned its focus towards the wave of anti-immigration legislation that was to be established in Arizona state, with other subsequent states planning to follow suit. Moreover, the lawmakers have recently passed legislation that gave the State Superintendent the unilateral power to abolish the studies that were based on ethnicity ("Watch Precious Knowledge Online | Vimeo On Demand"). Also, precious knowledge has provided an in-depth stance to the historic campaign over civil rights as the Tuscon High student leaders came out to campaign against the abolishing of their classes. By using platforms such as Facebook, text messages, a megaphone and optimism, the student leaders were able to mobilize many students ("Watch Precious Knowledge Online | Vimeo On Demand"). On the other hand, the politicians and lawmakers

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