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The Whites of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media Name: Tutor: Date: The Whites of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media Racism is one of the key issues that affected the world in the last century and still affects some parts of the globe today. It attracted opinions and cries from various parts of the world, and Stuart Hall was one of the individuals who responded to this issue. Born in Jamaica Hall is one of the most popular cultural theorist, political activist and sociologist who worked in the United Kingdom. In his work, The Whites of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media, the author presents a basic summary of racism in pop culture in the world. The author begins to define what ideology concerning what individuals think is and later on defines what ideology from the media perspective. According to the author, the media presents ideologies in many ways and goes on to state that there are two types of racism overt racism and inferential racism. This essay will attempt to explore various aspects of racism and ideologies as presented by the author in his work. Question 1 A Individuals have different ideologies in regard to various social aspects in the society and these ideologies change with time and circumstances. According to the author, language is totally different from ideologies since different languages can be used to represent the same ideology and ideas. Language is the ability to acquire and use a complex system of communication. According to the author, images, concepts and premises can all be used to interpret and make sense of an idea. Thus, linguistic can be used within different ideological discourses to represents ideas of

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