Civil Rights

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The US constitution guarantees every citizen with civil rights and without discrimination. These rights conferred to individuals include the freedom of speech and assembly, right to vote, equal protection and procedural guarantees in criminal and civil rights. There have been tremendous achievements towards the civil rights across the United States with the recent one being the inclusion of gays in the military service. Currently, there are critical issues that face the civil rights implementation which include the education inequality, voter Id laws and equal rights for gays and lesbians. The education inequality mostly affects the Hispanics and the African Americans since they usually receive poor educational opportunities despite efforts to improve the conditions of the elementary and middle-level schools through the introduction of voucher programs in urban areas. However, these schools are inadequate and poorly distributed. There have been strict laws that hinder eligible voters from participating in elections raising the issue of voting rights. Concerns are in areas where Citizens experience problems such as with Voter ID laws, assistance in voting and third-party registrations. Also, the gay rights are yet to be adopted fully among the citizens since a large population discriminates this group hence violating their freedom to marry. The state of civil rights in the 20th century is at a better level when compared to the issues in the 1900s. In this period the Supreme Court made critical decisions towards discriminative ideologies and clarity of civil rights. Moreover, it has had a significant role towards the realization of the civil rights such as the uplifting of

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