civil rights action plan

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name History Date Civil Rights Action Plan Introduction Discrimination and segregation are a social injustice that ought to come to an end here in Birmingham. The way in which the African Americans and the Asians are treated has never been friendly, thus calling for necessary action to be taken. My main reason for the action plan is to make sure that social injustices come to an end and the entire society embrace the art of tolerance to each other or have the other side of the coin from the oppressed groups. I find it unreasonable to have this situation while the colonial period ended a long time ago. The action plan that I am spearheading is aimed at fighting for the rights of all the residents of Birmingham regardless of the race, color and religious differences. The Condition in Birmingham The institutions in Alabama should be at the forefront of creating universality among the students hence enlightening the society about equality and fair treatment. However, because of the discrimination on races, there is segregation too in these schools just as seen in the buses and the schools at large. Some of the things that are horrifying in Birmingham include the disrespect that exists among the Black Americans. They are all referred to as “Niggas” to imply that all Negros need not even to be identified by names but by general name as niggas. There is also unfair treatment in the accessibility of shopping centers where many posters are having images of colored people are seen indicating that they are not allowed for the blacks but purely for the Native Americans (Henson and Munsey 998-1019). Besides, some buses do not carry

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