Chronic stress in low income communities

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Prevalence of Chronic Stress among Low-Income Earners Living In Manhattan, Harlem Introduction Chronic stress is a state where one becomes resigned to their state, feeling helpless and overwhelmed by emotional pressure arising from long periods when the person cannot meet what they desire, like basic needs. Chronic stress is common among the people who have low incomes as they fail to repeatedly meet their basic requirements like their housing, food and health requirements. The Prevalence of Chronic Stress in Manhattan, Harlem In America, chronic stress is socially inclined with the African American. In Manhattan, and specifically Harlem, where US census bureau’s population division noted that 328 381 African Americans live in the year 2008, a significant average of 18% had the risk of contracting the chronic stress or have been diagnosed with the condition. According to Smith, Fanelli and Lesser of, the population of the blacks in Manhattan dropped by 6% to less than 250000 in 2010, while the other ethnic societies have seen an increasing number in population (Smith, Fanelli and Lesser 1-2). The New York Times poises the same trends in data that indicates that in the year 2008, up to 22% of the white population had already settled in their permanent and current homes, compared to only 7% of the blacks that had done the same. The newspaper goes ahead to indicate that the disparities largely arose from the ability of the residents to afford the costs of owning such residences in Manhattan and the larger New York City (Roberts 1-2). It is, possible to hypothesize that the increasingly high cost of living in New

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