Christianity faith and Islamic faith

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Student's Name Professor's Name Course Date Christianity and Islamic Faiths The Christian belief is the knowledge of existing in a new personal and dynamic association with God via the indwelling and transforming authority of Jesus in one’s life and body. The strategy to this fresh experience of existing, and its indispensable factor, is believing God. Faith is of a greatest importance in Christianity. It is vital how an individual relates to Almighty God and consequently is one among the dominant teachings of Jesus. And without faith, it is impossible for an individual to please God. Islam is a spiritual system that was started by Muhammad in the seventh century. Islam religion uses the term Allah referring to one real God. Christianity and Islam have some similarities and significant differences. Numerous religions have influenced the beliefs and thoughts of millions around the world. Among these faiths are Christianity and Islam, mutually of which are alike, yet incredibly dissimilar. Christianity had come before Islam and is recognized to be the foundation of Islam. This makes sense because the two faiths share a lot in common. They are both monotheistic and Abrahamic religions meaning they share the trust in only single true living God and are embedded to have various similarities (Christensen n.p). Their dissimilarities, nevertheless, are what render them two unique religions, which is the reason they are classified and recognized for being so. Differences and similarities rise in many situation and topics, however, differences control and split them into contrasts. These topics comprise religious belief, rituals, teachings, and practices. Christianity

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