Christian Business Ethics

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Christian Business Ethics Christianity has it that all its members should practice good and ethical morals all the time regardless of area of activity. The principles of integrity, justice, holiness, and love are what defines the scope of Christian business ethics. There exists a dilemma in the conduct of oneself in the workplace regarding the upholding of these Christian principles and loyalty to organization’s authority. These two approaches to any activity in the organization offer a challenge to many employees and poses challenges in deciding what is right. This paper will, therefore, explore both the submissive model and purist model which acts as a foundation for Christian employees in making decisions in their daily work activities. Employees working in any organization are subject to regulations of that specific organization. Their superiors issue orders and guidelines that have to be followed in the practice of chain of command and authority. These directives could sometimes differ with one's Christian morals and conduct of business with integrity. First, a Christian employee would choose to follow the submissive model holding the requirement of being submissive to those in authority. This model should be followed since leaders are appointed by God who guides them on leadership styles. Also, this model is useful as employees will be shielded by an employment contract that stipulates the work profile, responsibilities and the extent of their personal moral foundation. Contrary, the purist approach model is highly criticized and ought not to be followed as it is ineffective. This model draws foundation from the biblical teaching of obeying God rather than human

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