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Your name Teacher’s name ClassDate CHRIST In Christianity, the Bible is the Word of God. Christians, therefore, recognize the inerrancy of the biblical texts and emphasize on a complete adherence to it for individuals to attain sanctity. As opposed to Judaism, which lays emphasis on the Old Testament, Christianity puts more emphasis on the New Testament with particular interest placed on the Gospel. The Gospel denotes biblical text concerning the life and ministry of Jesus Christ here on earth. The hermeneutics of the gospel is a genre that deals with in-depth Christological exegesis. (Rausch 7) These interpretations begin with infancy narratives. These are descriptions that detail the events in which the Virgin Mary became pregnant trough the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, the birth of Christ is received with sharp criticism especially since Christians emphatically hold the belief that Jesus is God. In the Old Testament, God uses the terms 'I Am' to refer to Himself which is taken to emphasize his omnipotence, omniscient and omnipresent nature. Christianity is also monotheistic and thus the idea that Christ is one with God and is still the son of God seems to introduce plurality that is unacceptable. It is however commonly agreed in Christian doctrines that redemption can only be achieved through repentance and faith in Jesus. After a fruitful ministry where Jesus used parables to teach about salvation and entry into the Kingdom of God, the narrative of the gospels culminate with the passion narrative that marked the onset of the messianic age. In this narrative, the high priests led by Caiaphas were concerned about the popularity of Christ and forged

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