Chpt 10 – Leadership and Diversity

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Student’s name: Tutor’s name: Course: Date due: Leadership and Diversity (Chapter 10) Introduction Diversity plays a significant role in leadership which ranges from gender to culture. It is a significant determinant when it comes to how both men and women make it in leadership positions in our current generation. Managing the diversity is the core of leadership with cultural diversity becoming the growing force worldwide in leadership (Hackman & Johnson, 300). It is considered to be a better decision-making tool with the cultural differences being the basis of high-quality solutions. High performance in leadership accompanies diversity. However, there is disparity when it comes to allowing both men and women in decision making with women being given a lower percentage participation level in leadership due to stereotyping (Hackman & Johnson, 313). There is the need that even gender from different culture be involved in allowing better decisions to be made in the full realization of leadership qualities. I believe both men and women are equal when it comes to leadership. The glass ceiling has been one of the most significant barriers when it comes to the advancement of women in their professions. Just as the members of the minorities, women have been facing the glass ceiling over the years. Women still find it hard to discover their successful routes to leadership positions. Those who have made it past the glass ceiling are also faced with the glass cliff which is a high level of failure (Hackman & Johnson, 321). According to Sheryl Sandberg, women attribute their success stories to other higher factors with lower belief in themselves. I feel that

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