Chp 8 – The Pygmalion Effect

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Name Instructor Course Date Chapter 8- The Pygmalion Effect Pygmalion effect is a scenario where intense expectations yield an upsurge in performance. Symbols as part of the organizational culture are powerful tools especially language and rituals. The significance of language and rituals comes to the fore due to the importance of communication in thriving of any organization. The rituals and language used in manufacturing plants are important in the enforcing a safety culture. Slogans touching on safety when mounted all over a manufacturing site would go some way in ensuring use of protective equipment and employment of safe ways of working. Usage of examples of prior accidents also goes a long way in reminding employees of the hazards that are eminent and cut down on lost time accidents. Activities like safety theme weeks, where departments or individuals, who have shown excellent adherence to the stipulated safety code are recognized lead to the observance of a manufacturing plants safety culture. Workplace accidents proved to have been because of negligence or ignorance should result in punishment and deserve recording to serve as a reminder (Hackman and Johnson 243). Efforts like the five why procedure of carrying out root cause analysis has proved effective. Values of an organization are mostly can be found in their list of compliance or a code of ethics. Employees tend to cover up compliance mistakes since they tend to lead to summary dismissal. To encourage reporting of a breach in compliance issues some companies have adopted the use of hotlines where the callers remain anonymous. This has led to the unearthing of scenarios involving fraud and nepotism

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