Chp 6 – Argumentativeness Scale

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Author Tutor Course Date Argumentative Scale Arguments are based on trying to establish superiority over a position. A personal Argumentative Score of 75 points lies in the category of High Argumentativeness. One of the aspects that qualifies a person to be a successful arguer is the ability to build a strong case while at the same time refuting the arguments of those who are of contrary opinion. Argumentation provides various advantages, in small groups, people who are argumentative have a higher probability of becoming leaders. Also, teams that engage in arguments concerning ideas come up with high-quality ideas. Argumentation forms an essential component of leadership activity. However, the majority of the people would rather avoid arguments. Unlike unpleasant arguments that lead to upsetting feelings or broken relationships, constructive arguments stimulate people’s ability to think and reason to come up with conclusions that are acceptable to both sides. From a personal perspective, engaging in arguments especially on controversial issues in most cases results in understanding the matter better. There is a difference between verbal aggression and arguing. Argumentativeness refers to the presentation and defense of positions on issues (Hackman and Craig 178). Verbal aggressiveness is a hostile type of communication that focusses on attacking other people instead of concentrating on the topic. Sometimes, people engage in arguments with individuals that do not understand the fundamental aspects of arguing and might turn it into verbal aggression. One of the methods of dealing with such a people is through the application of appropriate compliments through

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