Choosing Courses at University

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Choosing Courses at University I believe that students joining the universities are capable of choosing their courses of study freely because if it were me with the same opportunity, I would choose a course that best fits my interests. Worldly, there are huge numbers of students advancing to higher levels of education in colleges and universities. A challenge lies in deciding what particular course one would undertake. Mostly, these students end up relying on their parents, teachers, relatives and their close friends to chose for them the course of study without critically analyzing what they could do best. Moreover, students are even forced to abandon a particular field and venture in other areas that don't have ogre well with their abilities, potentialities, knowledge and will power. From my point of view, choosing freely the best course of study is making an individual decision without being forced or influenced by parents, teachers, close friends or even relatives. Making a free choice depends on one's abilities to take a particular direction or stand in an issue in a way that isn’t influenced by outside bodies. An example of a free choice I made was never to be involved in substance abuse at any level in my life. In the current society, many factors may influence one into taking drugs such as peer influence, curiosity and house parties that are on the rise among the youth. Despite these temptations and friends’ influences, I chose not to abuse drugs. I formed my belief regarding the free choice following some various situations in my teenage level. Initially, I believed that the instances in life follow a strict set up of systems that every individual follows

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