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A Comprehensive Study of the Cloud Computing Technology Ibrahim Author’s Group no.03, Student no.201, e-mail: Master of Management information system Abstract: Cloud computing relies on the internet to provide processing resources and information to computers and other devices when required. The technology allows users to process and store information on a third party server which may be located in the local area or some foreign land. Since the users access these services remotely though the Internet, they get information at their fingertips round the clock and are unaware of the location the information is coming from. Although with cloud computing, the companies can focus on business matters rather than setting up and managing an IT infrastructure, since the company’s data is stored on a third party server, it can be hazardous in cases where the information is confidential. Furthermore, cloud computing allows restricted access to management and control of the data, services and applications. This research paper aims at finding out how cloud computing works; the challenges faced when using cloud computing system, pros and cons of cloud computing technology and the possible solutions to the issues. Key Words: data server; cloud computing; privacy; confidentiality 1 Introduction According to a survey by IDG Enterprise Marketing (2015), the trend of organizations adopting cloud computing technology has increased over the years. And this trend will continue to rise in the future as well. Over 72% of the organizations have at least one application hosted in the cloud. The umbrella term ‘cloud computing’ refers to the computing resources that are used

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