Choose ONE of the following four positions: radical protester, moderate antiwar activist, someone who chose not to get involved, and Vietnam War supporter.

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Name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Moderate Antiwar Activist I am writing this letter to throw my weight behind the antiwar activism going on at the university and around the country. It is entrenched in our constitution that it is our basic right to protest and there could be no better time to exercise that right than in the current situation considering the irresponsible move by our government to send troops to Vietnam. Imagine what the world would be like if we all remained silent about these issues of national interest. Ours would be a sad story because there is enough evidence from the past on what happened to our country when the crowds chose to remain silent. In this regard, I wish to express my support for moderate antiwar activism. Change does not come without pushing for it, especially when politicians do not uphold the spirit of the founding fathers to have a democratic system of governance. In the words of Abraham Lincoln a democracy is “a government of the people by the people and for people,” (Lincoln 1) something which is greatly lacking in the Nixon administration. Let us not forget that we have only one country and that there is no substitute for this beautiful land of ours. Actions by the current regime seem to be geared towards destroying a country that has observed peace and stability for a long time, something which came at a huge price in the past. No one would want to go back to those times which is why I call upon my fellow students to come out and voice their concerns against the war in Vietnam. Well, we have all watched on national television how thousands of people are losing their lives. What is even more disturbing is

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