choose of two different lightings for shoe & bag

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Student’s name Professor’s name Unit name Date Interior Design Lighting gives more beneficial highlights of the boutique than just lighting up the merchandise. Consequently, interior design of a boutique has to be done while putting into consideration various aspects of analysis (Baumstarck, Anne & Park 2010). Two Types of Light Fittings Ambient Lighting and Accent Lighting should be used. Ambient lighting enables the boutique workers to work and consumers to shop efficiently. The lighting focuses the products on display to the client, hides boutique imperfections, brings warmth and enhances positive experience while shopping. The lights remove the need for bright lights, therefore, they should be strong enough to focus the client to inspect the goods and services. The ambient light has to be soft to enhance intimate but professional mood. Moreover, warm lights on recessed ceiling and wall lighting should be used to produce a welcoming mood in the boutique (Henderson & Joan 2011). Accent lights are employed when specific products need to be drawn into the attention of the customer. The lights produce narrow beams and they are focused brightly on the specific products of attraction .The light should, however, be focused with small light intensity to ensure that the products are featured sharply. The lights can be focused from above or below while making sure that the lights do not shine directly into the eyes of the client. The jewelry, for instance, should be focused with cool white lights while the mirror vicinities should be focused with a light which is either warm white or a pink-toned. The expensive items on window display should be

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