Chinese internal migration

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Student’s Name Instructor Date Chinese Internal Migration From the moment China first embarked on significant economic developments roughly three decades past, the country has experienced unparalleled social transformations. Rapid urbanization and economic reforms have considerably resulted to large-scale internal migration, a behavior usually including movement from rural regions to towns and cities. People engaging in these relocations tend to dos so in search for employment or better work opportunities typically available only in urban areas. Official records place Chinese migration workers at about 36 percent of the entire workforce in China. Internal migration tends to have a significant impact on the migrating citizens as well as the regions they migrate to or from. This paper evaluates economic, social, environmental and political influences Chinese internal migration has had on the origin and destination places for the migrants. 1. Who and Where For the past three decades, China has undergone the largest internal migration in human history. In fact, statistics reveal that about 160 million Chinese people migrated from rural regions within this period to towns and cities in search for better lives and employment opportunities. Sichuan, Anhui, and Guizhou are the main primary origins from where a majority of Chinese internal migrants originate. Philips indicates that nearly 11.5 million residents of Guizhou live below poverty line out of which about two million are in chronic poverty (n.p). Residents from these areas are aware of their weak economic conditions and acknowledge the need for quick solutions. Additionally, the Chinese government is aware

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