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Chinese culture. Precisely, preparation of the placenta involves drying, roasting, and processing into capsules before consumed by the newly delivered lactating mothers. Despite the subjectivity of the evidence supporting the benefits associated with placentophagy, numerous companies have shown their interest in processing human placenta specifically for new mothers to use. It is essential to note that the existing evidence mostly emanates from self-report surveys hence their credibility cannot be guaranteed before proper research. Individuals in support of placentophagy argue that the intake of the capsules results in specific mental and physical benefits (Hayes, 2015). Being a practice whose...

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Chinese culture Kenya China People don’t laugh at themselves when they are comfortable relationship. People laugh at themselves when they have a comfortable relationship. Most greeting style used in Kenya is handshake Handshake is common amongst strangers It does not make difference in Kenya if you use one’s first name or surname. In China, it is expected that use the surname while addressing someone unless advised otherwise. Similarities between Kenyan greeting culture Kenya China Kenyans show hornour and that they are caring towards the people older than them Chinese also show respect for the old. Kenyans look down while greeting to show humility Chinese look towards the ground...

I Ching


Chinese culture has over time, been embellished with aspects of philosophy and religion. The Chinese have shown development in their culture beginning from the bronze inscriptions and ancient oracle bones to the establishment of various schools of thought. The I Ching is an oracle used both in China and across the world by people seeking answers in different aspects of their lives (Smith Par. 4). The “I” means change whereas the “Ching” means classic thus making it the Classic of Change or rather the Book of Change. The origin of the I Ching goes back to the Bronze Age when the Chinese especially from the Shang Dynasty, used to offer sacrifices to determine the right time to perform important...

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Chinese culture, healthcare is a patriarchal role often performed by the oldest male family member. This male member makes all the decisions on healthcare services on behalf of the whole family. This information is important to nurses and other medical practitioners while handling patients from different cultures, for instance for the discuss the patient’s health with this figurehead. According to the Chinese culture, it is rude and inappropriate to burden the patient by discussing the nature of the illness. And although Spanish societies are patriarchal, the mothers are in charge of providing healthcare for their family members. Daughters learn the traditional herbs and treatment concoctions...

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Chinese culture and more so are reluctant to pass it to the next generation. Telling stories of the girls has been a powerful weapon used by mothers to deal with the existing barriers in translation during communication. In turn, the daughters derive various lessons from the stories including; warnings and advises on the successful people in the past. Immigration to some extent has a significant impact on one’s identity. The daughters, for instance, find it difficult to practice Chinese culture in an American environment. They despise their culture and find it old-fashioned due to erosion by the American culture. At first, the daughters are in denial about their Chinese heritage but later as they...