Chinese Bronze Vessels

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Introduction Antique of Chinese art was enhanced using various inventions discovered in the industrial world, and this made artwork to transform effectively many years ago. Furthermore, the equipment used such as paintings, textiles, sculpture, pieces of calligraphy and ceramic date back to 5000 years ago. However, the mechanism involved in blending these various elements of art together enabled the establishment of what is commonly known as Chinese art. Despite the sophisticated long writing tradition on art, art exhibition, collected art and art consumption that had existed within the China Elite, the popularity and interest on the Chinese artwork was more in North America and Europe in the 19 century than in China itself. The Chinese artwork existed in Western countries as an object for review that had to be contrasted with other artworks from various global cultures. Background history of the Bronze Age in China The aspect of Chinese art focuses on self-contained ideologies about the country`s natural, social, religion, political and ethnic composition. For example, many artworks project the country`s deserts, mountains, oceans and human evolution as stated by China `s own civilization theories. Chinese art incorporates an astonishing involvement of progressive technology, cultural awareness, and ancient culture to showcase its uniqueness. For example, Xianrendong Cave Pottery that was extracted in Jiangxi province is an example of artwork that utilized popular ceramic from other nations like Siberia to present its uniqueness (Clunas, 15). The main origin of Chinese culture was around the great Yellow River that cuts the North China plain. The region was considered a

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