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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Chin-up Exercises are done in different ways. One of the methods used to do exercise is chin-up. A chin-up is a form of pull-up that involves the use of the back and arms where the biceps muscles are involved in carrying the whole body with the chin above the device being held. Some of the muscles involved during the chin-up are the stabilizer, the synergists as well as the prime mover. The following are the examples of stabilizer, synergist, and the prime mover muscles. Synergist muscles: these muscles which are found in the arms and the back. They include the Biceps muscles, rhomboids, deltoids, trapezii and several other small muscles found on the arms and back to support latissimi dorsi for a complete full pull-up. Stabilizer muscles: these are muscles that are mostly found in the triceps of the arms, and they include the triceps brachii to the latissimi dorsi. And finally we have the Prime mover muscles; these include the lats and Peres Major, biceps and latissimus dorsi. Some of the difference between a chin up and pull up are as follows; even though both exercises work with latissimus dorsi and biceps, the chin-up goes an extra mile with an underhand grip since it tends to emphasize more on the biceps than the latissimus dorsi as compared to the other pull-ups. Some of the muscles that prevent the repetitive chin-up exercise are the biceps muscle which gets fatigued when carrying out the exercise. The fatigue is also brought about by the weight of the body. The chin-up is an equally important way of doing exercise as compared to any other form of exercises such as push-up since they help in the

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