Children’s Pediatrics: Changing with the Times

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Children's Pediatrics: Changing with the Times Name Institute Affiliation Children's Pediatrics: Changing with the Times Background Statement Children pediatrics is a department that is essential due to a large number of young parents. Since time immemorial physicians in this field do not engage in any form of advertising. There is no essence in an excellent, competent doctor trying to market the services he or she can offer. The American Medical association seconds this as it has always told the medical community to keep off from advertising. The appropriate way for pediatrics to remain relevant is by giving patients quality treatment that fully satisfies their desires. In doing this the parent of the ill child will be happy and share the news with a fellow parent who might be having a sick kid. Major Problems and Secondary Issues Dr. Carter is having a hard time with the whole idea of marketing. He views the act as unethical. Dr. Cartel believes that as a physician his work should be excellent to the extent of selling itself. Unfortunately, many doctors have opted to advertise what they offer to have a grip on patients (Etzel & Balk, 2012). For instance, Dr. Stein is the stance that soft marketing and advertising is beneficial. Convincing Cartel otherwise might not be easy due to his firm cling to ACP by-laws. Leading by example would have been the best way for Dr. Quon to re-assure Dr. Cartel that ACP will still be significant in spite of advertising. Major characters and their roles Both Dr. Stein and Dr. Quon are senior members of ACP, and their crucial role is to make sure they offer quality service to patients and reap benefits from it. Dr.

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