Children’s Literature

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Children's literature Name Institute Affiliation Children's literature The first books a child accesses is of great significance since it marks his or her introduction to literature. It is advisable that they impact the child positively and lay the foundation of a reading culture in them. Giving children quality literature books at a tender age increase the chances of the kid to curl up with a good book in future. Considering that children at their early stages do not know what is good or bad for them, teachers and parents have to help in selecting for them what they should read (Tan & Campbell, 2014). Numerous criterions can be used in picking a book wisely. Below are checklists of criteria one may use: The book should be well written. The language used must be age appropriate, and it should be rich, imaginative and challenging. A quality literature manuscript ought to be providing a kid with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. It should just not only be entertaining pictures and words, but it should also be educative for the child. Books offer a channel for development and growth for its reader. As an educator one should select a book that has qualities that will ease fostering development in a child. Quality literature for children should be well illustrated. A book that has quality illustrations will assist in maintaining the concentration and interest of a child in reading for an extended period. A quality kid’s book should be well worded. The flow of the words ought to use repetition, rhythm, rhyme, and humor. The book should also have a theme that kids enjoy and can identify with. Educators should select quality literature books that

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