Children’s Lit Essay- Critical Thinking

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Children Literature Essay – Critical Thinking Snow White fairy tale by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is an interesting read for children, who are the target audience but still appeals to adult readers. The plot of the story shows a high level of mastery and creativity of the authors. The tale is characterized by twists and turns that evoke different emotions as one reads through it. For instance, the various attempts on Snow Whites’ life make the reader overly emotional and sympathetic to the young girl. The authors of the story are consistent with a central theme all over the story. Kindness is one of the central themes in the book as the authors keep on showing it throughout the story. The repeated acts of kindness in the story create a valuable lesson to the readers. Snow White revolves around kindness from various characters in the story and wickedness meted on the little girl by her stepmother. However, despite the wickedness that manifests itself throughout the story, consistent acts of kindness prevail. The different attempts on Snow White’s life emanate from her kindness and pure heart. Her step-mother manages to get through to her and attempt to kill her due to the kindness (Hallett & Karasek N.p). While the readers may attribute the kindness to Snow White’s naivety and take it as her weakness, the authors repeat the acts of kindness to show its importance. Since the story is a fairy tale for children, the author’s ensures that kindness prevails over wickedness so that the readers can learn the important virtue and apply it in their lives. The first act of kindness is a counter to the queen’s

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