Children of the Sea

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Student’s name Dr. Baksh ENG 295 Institutional affiliation Date Assignment Children’s of the sea The “children of the sea” is a story that centers majorly on the theme of loss and an enduring power of love. It is the first story in the "krik Krak!" Authored by Edwidge Danticat, the tale has no particular, definite period in which the setting takes place but it can be deduced through the plethora of details, and with historical knowledge, it occurred in the year 1959. The Tonton macoutes in the 1959s helped Francois Duvalier in rising to power, elections and his dictatorship regime (Catherine N.p). They are mostly present in this setting and are set to facilitate the actions and decisions made by Duvalier. “The children of the sea” establishes violent and dehumanizing instances which help in creating a clear context of the effects of war on the individuals, family, and nation as a whole. (Danticat 1-29). The paper, therefore, addresses the theme of war with its effects on families, individuals, and the country as Danticat demonstrates in the children of the sea. Further, it highlights the issue of black lives present in the current world. The Duvalier regime is violent and dehumanizing as it results into horrific treatments to its people. The administration helps to highlight adverse results associated with war. The female letter writer together with her parents is in the process of hiding and destroying materials that supported the old regime such as posters and buttons. Upon resuming office, President Duvalier ousted and fled the former president to Haiti in a bid to destroy the old system. More to that, individuals in support of this old

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