Childhood Obesity: Health Promotion Model

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Childhood Obesity: Health Promotion Model Name Institution Childhood Obesity: Health Promotion Model According to WHO statistics, the prevalence of childhood obesity has increased in the last three decades. 170 million children below 18 years old are estimated to be obese with the studies further indicating that the majority of the affected minors come from the upper-middle-income countries. The incidences of obesity are lowest in lower-middle-income countries (WHO, 2016). Various consequences are associated high prevalence of obesity such as increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and several types of cancer. The diseases are noncommunicable and may cause premature deaths and long-term morbidity. Obesity in children also causes low-quality life as the affected children may be withdrawn and face the possibility of isolation. Given the adverse nature of obesity governments and various stakeholders are always seeking the possible strategies that could be used to manage or prevent the disorder. The WHO emphasizes that the member states adopt the various nutritional and physical activities interventions to prevent obesity This essay presents a possible promotion model that can be employed in controlling childhood obesity with the intention of promoting the quality of life and the health of populations. CHILDHOOD OBESITY PREVENTION MODEL Structures for Supporting Policies and Interventions Policies and Interventions at Population-wide level Community-based interventions Networks and partnerships Formulation of ‘health-for-all’ policies Leaderships Systems for monitoring and evaluating Non-communicable diseases Standards and guidelines for operations. Fruit

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