Child poverty in Africa

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Child Poverty in Africa Student’s Name Institution Abstract The paper discusses the topic child poverty in Africa giving a brief explanation of the current situation, statistics, and causes of the issue. It discusses different policies and strategies for handling the poverty issue. For instance, the WHO is advocating for a nutritional policy, FAO is training children in poverty-stricken areas, the UN has established a policy based on the millennium goal of eliminating poverty and disease in Africa and other parts of the world. The paper describes the social institutions such as family, economy, social control, deviance, and religion. For instance, it explains that education is a significant factor in a child's life since it determines his profession and personality. It outlines that countries that are economically poor are likely to discourage programs such as entrepreneurship due to lack of funds to implement innovative ideas. The paper also provides a detailed conclusion to offer a summary of the entire paper. Summary of the Issue Africa is known through facts to be the poorest continent in the world where about 75% of the people live below the poverty line. The children are the most affected by poverty since they are born in the poor African families (Sloth-Nielsen, 2016). Poverty condition makes the children to be exposed to infections and other risks such as child labor, early marriage, and sex trafficking. Currently, about 7.5 million children die annually in Africa before reaching 5 years of age due to the poverty conditions they are exposed. Children are unable to access education and instead, their families force them to get married at

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