Child Labor

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Name Professor Course Date Consequences of Forced Child Labor and Possible Solutions Introduction Although indentured child labor may be beneficial to children and families with a poor background, I disagree with Divakaruni’s argument against the law that forbids goods produced by forced child laborers. This is because forced child labor has detrimental effects on children. Childhood is a stage when children are provided with a chance to explore, acquire knowledge and skills and to have a better understanding of the world (Faria, 18). However, when children are forced to engage in such work at a tender age, they, miss out on this chance. Child labor is a hindrance to children’s overall development as well future opportunities. Hence, it is imperative to explore the adverse effects that child labor has on children as well as possible solutions on the same. Consequences of Child Labor In most circumstances, child labor has adverse consequences on the child’s life. For instance, it has damaging effects on a children’s physical development; this is because child laborers tend to be more vulnerable than adults are since their bodies are still developing (Faria, 19). Most of these children are subjected to heavy and intense tasks and are even exposed to harmful chemicals and objects, which affect their overall well-being. The effects of this exposure can be immediate like in the case of cuts and burns or may have lifetime consequences such as suffering from parasitic and respiratory diseases.Child labor may also affect children’s emotional development in the sense that these kids usually work in environments that are isolating and exploitative. As a

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