Child Development Theories Application

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Child Development Theories Application Abstract This study seeks to explore and reflect the relationship between the childhood and adolescence starting with confluence, resources dilution and attachment theories and how they affect the development process of the children. Throughout the study, it will attempt to review various elements that affect intellectual development of a child. The results were measured by comparing the academic performance of different groups. From the data collected via a questionnaire, it confirmed theoretic framework of intellectual development. It was noted that the firstborns and the singletons are in a better place to perform better as opposed to those who come from large families. Also, the study indicated that the African American children had relatively larger families as compared to the non-Hispanic whites, which were used as references for these studies. This could explain the reason the African Americans are often associated with anger issues and violence, including drug abuse. As such, it is important to note that the American society has undergone tremendous changes over the last decade, including the African American society. Child Development Theories Application Parenting exercise is known to differ depending on the culture and education background. It may also differ depending on the nature of the relationship between the care giver and the child. Parents or caretakers largely contribute to infancy and rule the surroundings that direct their development. Biological parents contribute the genetic make of the children while as both the social and the biological parents play a crucial role in the development of infancy experiences.

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