Child abuse and adult survivors

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Name Tutor Course Date Child Abuse and Adult Survivors Introduction Sexual crimes continue to be a major problem in the current society, despite the existence of advanced technology. Most reported sexual assault crimes affect adolescent children. Despite the efforts put in place, there are still crime instances that are regularly reported. Therefore, it is essential to explore child abuse about sexual offense, how it affects adolescents, and how the situation can be controlled. Summary The article highlights the plight of young girls who suffer as victims of sexual abuse. The victims are as young as twelve years old of age with some being abused individually, while others suffer the ordeal of multiple sexual harassments. The authors indicate that out of all the victims of sexual assault, 66% of them are children. Sexual assault affects both boys and girls, with girls accounting for the largest number of victims of up to 40% while only 13% of boys are affected (Mustaine et al. 39). Therefore, it is apparent that a large number of children is affected by the sexual acts, and there is a wide discrepancy between boys and girls affected. The affected sexually abused children come from diverse backgrounds of socioeconomic, demographic, and even cultural settings. The study shows that more adolescent girls are likely to face sexual assault and face victimization as compared to the teenage boys. The characteristics of the communities and their social disorganization are found to contribute mainly to the prevalence of sexual assault on teenage girls and boys. This is according to social disorganization theory which lays its primary focus on things to do with a social and

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