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Portrayal of Race on Social Media Platforms Portrayal of Race on Social Media Platforms In various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, individuals have witnessed hash-tags and connotations in support of particular racial groups. Americans depend on these technological advancements to acquire information about the political, social and economic scenes in their society. Of late, the issue(s) of race and inequality has been significantly debated in these platforms with subtle instances of discrimination (Benson & Morgan, 2014). People of color in the U.S. are categorized as minorities but, the situation can be rectified by looking into the importance of a diversified society, and encouraging equality. First of all, driving these social media users to create a hash-tag about the lives of black people is a salient indication of the deteriorated American society. White individuals have segregated these blacks to the extent of the latter seeking ‘refuge' online. In fact, numerous videos circulate on Facebook and Twitter depicting police brutality toward young black men. White men that are found in a similar predicament(s) are not manhandled or treated brutally by these policemen just because of their racial affiliation. The idea(s) that only black men are supposed to be mistreated by the police inevitably augurs cyber bullying toward people of color. The susceptibility of adolescents to the utilization of these platforms, however, places them at more risk. Nevertheless, I have specific solutions to these portrayals of racial discrimination on social media platforms. I would recommend these adolescents to employ the resolution of reporting all

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