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Name Professor Title Date Character Analysis In the novel “The Maze Runner” Thomas is the protagonist whose height is 5ft 9in. Thomas who happens to be a teenager finds himself in the Glade. When Thomas enters the story, he has nothing to remember except his name. New people who join the Glade, they are always confused and scared, and Thomas is not an exception. But Thomas shows a difference between him and other newcomers by saving lives of other Gladers. With the help of Teresa, Thomas can realize who he is in relative to the Maze after regaining his memory. Thomas also successfully challenges Gladers’ rules being the first to do so. Therefore, all the roles, behavior and what Thomas says help in identifying his character traits. Thomas is a brave man who has a good shape and hair that is dark brown. The bravery of Thomas is seen when he is ready to sacrifice himself on behalf of the group. Thomas has the understanding that he can be killed easily, but he feels the urge to help the group find a way out. This is evident in the quote "Somehow he knew he had to do it. It was such an odd thing to feel, especially after what he had just seen…'Now you know this isn't joking time. You've been sent to the Glade, Greenie, and we'll be expecting ya to survive and help us do what we’ve been sent here to do. ” (Dashner 39). Also, Thomas defends himself after running out to save Minho and Alby. Thomas is an intelligent man because he can think quickly. He can think and solve problems and find freedom while in complex situations. Thomas as able to find Maze’s code and therefore he is clever. Thomas is also stubborn and therefore helps his friends build

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