Character Analysis in Hamlet

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Character Analysis in Hamlet IntroductionCharacter traits in play are the values identifiable in person through the roles they play in the book. Hamlet has several characters, but the main one is Prince Hamlet. Throughout the plot, he exhibits different characters traits including melancholy, revenge, failure and villain. This analytical work looks into the characters traits of Prince Hamlet as depicted in Hamlet and other character traits that also reflects his characters. Hamlet and Revenge Revenge is a situation where one character is bent on ensuring that a person who has wronged him get to pay the price for the wrong. The need to have people pay for the wrongs they committed in Hamlet defines the plot, theme and character traits of the people in the play. For instance, Prince Hamlet wants to kill his uncle, King Claudius after the spirit told him Claudius killed his father. Though he was initially doubtful, Prince Hamlet confirms the message through the play performed by the group of actors who came to Elsinore (Tweg 102-5). When he was sure that Claudius was responsible for the murdering of his father through poison, he plots to kill the new king to make him pay for the price of killing his father. He, therefore, acts mad and looks out for an opportunity to kill Claudius. When he finds Claudius praying, he avoids killing him believing that may take him to heaven (Gottschalk 161-4). According to Prince Hamlet, Claudius crime is so grave that he needs to be killed and go to hell straight away. Other places in the play also show instances of the need to revenge on the opponents. When Laertes, who was in France learned that Prince Hamlet stabbed and killed his father,

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