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Gang Violence Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part One According to Howells and Griffiths, youth gangs remain a great menace within American communities. The book offers a grounded approach to the increasing youth violence. More importantly, the book focuses on the foundation of gangs, that is, their origin and categories. Also, these authors critically analyze the issue of prison gangs, gang patterns and the probable consequences of gang violence. The authors also go extensively in uniquely analyzing the political stand towards combating the future of gang violence and involves arresting and prosecution, or in some cases, outright killings during brutal gang attacks (Howells & Griffiths, 2015). Howells, J. & Griffiths, E. (2015). Gangs: In American communities (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. Part Two The authors of this article focus majorly on the risks attributed to involvement in gang violence. Some of the risks highlighted include drug abuse. Most individuals engage in drug abuse after gang membership as this is a common practice that cuts across almost all gangs. Other risks include poor education and employment capacity and neglection from the community due to their practices hence minimal attachment to them. Also, individuals involved in gang violence are subjected to death risks as all their activities are illegal and inhumane (Esbensen et al., 2009). Esbensen, F.A., Peterson, D., Taylor, T.J., & Freng, A. (2009). Risk factors for youth violence and gang membership. The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. Part Three According to Theriot and Orme, gangs poses a great threat to student safety in learning institutions.

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