Chapter 7 &8

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Student Name Welfare and Inequality, The Search for Rational Strategies – Chapters 7&8 Poverty is an issue of concern in the American society. The chapter begins by claiming that the American poor does not receive the money allocated to take care of them. Instead, the money goes to middle-income earners, and only a sixth is given based on income criteria. Several entitlement programs have been launched ever since the launching of the most impressive one by Franklin, D. Roosevelt. The aim of such entitlement is to meet various needs that Americans require. Over half of American families have a member who is entitled to some beneficiary. The chapter defines poverty as being in a condition in which one is not able to meet his or her basic needs. US Bureau of Statistics believes that 46 million Americans are poor. However, several critics believe that many more Americans are poor than the figures given by The Bureau of Statistics. Poverty is widespread and cuts across many Americans. However, blacks are the most hit followed by Hispanics. Female-headed homes have high poverty rates than male-headed homes. The aged are believed to be much better probably because of their savings plans, retirement benefits, and fully serviced mortgage homes. Many Americans are believed to be temporarily poor, except for 6 percent of them who remain in that category for a period more than five years. The reasons behind these people being poor include low productivity due to lack of knowledge and skills, while other factors are beyond their control. Several preventive mechanisms have been put in place to eradicate poverty. The great depression taught American leaders that poverty

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