chapter 6

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Name Professor Title Date Medical Ethics Health professionals are bound by medical ethics. There are ethical principles that apply to medical ethics. The ethical principles are justice, beneficence, non-maleficence, and autonomy. An ethical medical practice must respect all the four ethical principles. These principles ensure that patients make informed decisions, privacy is guaranteed, and no medical practice that harms the patient or any other person in society. “Chapter 6” explains how ethical principles apply to medical ethics, challenges of informed consent and self-determination, evaluation of ethical issues in physician-assisted death and euthanasia. Doctors are expected to adequately help patients comprehend their situation. Patients, therefore, should have enough information before they make a decision. Physicians are mandated to give all essential situations for autonomous choice in others. Autonomy is an ethical principle that doctors must apply as they perform their duties. Patients visit doctors to gather information that helps them in making an informed decision. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality is respect to autonomy and hence medical ethics. An example of how doctors can promote autonomous behavior; before taking a patient into surgery, the doctor must first give an explanation to the patient concerning the treatment options, and the risks of each option so that the patient make a decision. Doctors are not supposed to engage in a practice that may cause harm to the patient. In other words, Physicians are expected to help improve the state of others. This is one of the medical ethics that relies on beneficence ethical

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