chapter 3

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Student Name Course November 9, 2016 Policy Making Process – Chapter 3 This chapter examines policy-making as a process. The chapter examines how the policies are made and how the processes overlap and intertwine. In this chapter, it is evident that the policy making process begins with problem identification then agenda setting. The policy making process then goes to the policy formulation, policy legitimization, policy implementation, then ends with policy evaluation. According to the author, these processes occur simultaneously, such that each process overlaps into the others. During these processes, the different political actors and institutions may be engaged in the different processes. During the problem identification stage, the actors decide what the policy needs to address. The author argues that the ability to decide what the policy needs to address is very crucial in the policy making process. The individuals and groups should be organized to define the problems and suggest possible solutions to the process. During the policy making process, the agenda setting can take the bottom-up approach that emphasizes the role of the public opinions. The policy making process can also take the top-down approach that emphasizes the role of the top leadership in decision making. The next stage of policy making process is the agenda-setting the stage. Here, the persons concerned decide the issues and the problems that need to be addressed by the government. According to the author, the media plays an important role in providing information needed by the majority of the population. The media play an important role as the player and the referee in the political

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