Chapter 15 & 16

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Name: Course: Date: Defense Policy and Homeland Security- Chapters 15 & 16 Chapter fifteen describes what factors inform the defense policy of most countries in the world. In the first paragraph, the authors say that these policies are a reflection of a nation’s interests and also the interests of other nations. The authors liken the process of formulating defense policies to the game theory. While choosing the appropriate defense policy, nations have to consider the military training required, personnel, military units, funding and much more. However, the end of World War II led to the rise of a new challenge; the impending nuclear threats, on states. Military powerhouses like the US had to devise new methods of dealing with this challenge. The US adopted the deterrence strategy which is founded on the view that a state can discourage a rival from attacking if the rival knows that their target has the ability to destroy them following an initial surprise attack on that state. Part of the solution also involved negotiations between the US and USSR in what is commonly referred to as Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT). Later the US and Russia signed other treaties such as START I and START II, that limit the extent to which nuclear weapons can be used. Chapter 12 goes on to say that the deterrence strategy has worked for a long period, but loopholes have begun to emerge considering the rise of terrorism and irrational leaders (leaders who don’t fear to put the lives of their followers at risk of perishing). In response to this new threat, nations were forced to sign new agreements such as Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and also led to the formation

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