Chapter 1 Questions

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Chapter 1 questions Name Institution Question 1 It is obvious that physics is the most basic science because it entails the study of the science of energy, matter, and other interactions. This means that physics is the primary foundation of all other sciences. Other such sciences such as biology are very deep and complicated, but the study of physics mainly focuses on fundamental attributes of the states of matter (Stokes 2011). Question 2 The following are steps that are followed by a scientific method: • Purpose of the research that is what an individual wants to learn. • Researching to find adequate information as possible. • Stating hypothesis by trying to predict the answer to the problem in question. • Experimenting. • Analyzing the data obtained in the experiment. • Concluding the results obtained. Question 3 Scientific theories change, and this can be attributed as strength. There is no person who knows everything, and we should allow room for new information. It should be noted that science is self-correcting, and when new information comes in, we change the way we think about issues. This helps people to become dominant and better in life. Question 4 Science and technology are terms that people use interchangeably. They are strongly linked together but different. Science entails the objective of finding knowledge for its use whereas technology is to enhance improvement in human life (Stokes 2011). Question 5 It should be noted that science is based on empirical observation whereas religion is based mainly on faith. Additionally, science draws its conclusions on evidence and reasoning while religion

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