Changing Texas

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Looking at the diversity and complexity of modern Texas, we notice that an average Texan is considerable less conservative and overly static, however not applicable to everyone. The state is a home to a diverse population comprising of a wide variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. The state consists of a significant regional variation with a wide variety of economic interest and activities. The interplay of varied historical, economic, institutional, social and geographical forces continually redefines the way Texans think about themselves. It implies that becoming a Texan means being independent, doggedly determined, individualistic, religious, materialistic but moralistic, believing on survival for the fittest and competition. Domestic and international immigration is swelling and diversifying Texas population and the newcomers to the state will induce cultural and policy change in the medium to long term since the Texans are considerably less conservative. Just like other parts of the United States, Texas population is also growing fast, diversifying rapidly, facing an aging population and selectively education its population. The state is also experiencing rapid demographic transformation which is influenced by various factors such as diversity, education, age and the level of income among other factors. Considering education, More Texans are attaining higher education degrees after graduating from high school currently than ever before. However, the attainment is staggeringly among those disadvantaged economically (Blanchard n.p.). Political Implications of Rapid Demographic Change in Texas Texas has been

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