Changing roles in the household worldwide

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A Change in Household Roles: The case of South America v Africa Name Course Date Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc467570887 h 1The structure of the Family PAGEREF _Toc467570888 h 2Household Roles PAGEREF _Toc467570889 h 4Future Trends PAGEREF _Toc467570890 h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc467570891 h 9References PAGEREF _Toc467570892 h 10 IntroductionTime and space affect what individuals become and the particular time that a person is born into determines their relationship with reality. This means it will affect what they regard as vitally important, what can be changed and what is optional for example, even though previous generations lived comfortably without any idea of social media and real-time communications, current generations can not imagine such a scenario. Changes in expectations also happen to norms. The rapid developments in the transport and communication departments have resulted in a period of intense mixing of cultures. Individuals migrate from one corner of the earth to another bringing different influence to the local community as well as inculcating the trends in this community to propagate them into their societies later once repatriated. (Are Gender Norms Changing? 4,000 Women And Men In 20 Countries Weigh In 2016) Additionally, due to development in internet based technology; it is easy for something to be shared from one point to almost every part of the world simultaneously through a blog post or a proposal in social media. This affects trends globally, and the world becomes more and more unifies. As a result, traditional norms are continually eroded to pave the way for new developments. (Changing Role Of The Family

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