Changing Needs of Consumers: Epidemiological Trends

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Changing Needs of Consumers: Epidemiological Trends Name Institution Date Changing Needs of Consumers: Epidemiological Trends The effects of small nuclear weapons in the world can lead to an advance health crisis, which can limit the level of emergency response mechanism. In countries like the United States, the risk posed by such weapons has increased in the recent past. Additionally, the communities are ill-prepared in terms of health care response awareness and readiness (Miramonti et al., 2015). Therefore, the attention has shifted on the level of capability of public and medical health disaster reaction during the large-scale disaster. For instance, numerous constraints exist regarding resources required for the management of mass casualties such as availability of mass decontamination, pharmaceutical intervention, supportive and respiration therapy, and hospital beds (Dallas, 2008). Some of the three critical issues in case of mass casualty event include expansion of the number of personnel involved in the response of nuclear attack emergency, launching of public awareness campaigns, and adaptations of medication stockpile assets for mass casualty care. Firstly, expansion of personnel capacity should be met through proper training of experts (Dallas, 2008). In so doing basic healthcare courses should be extended to emergency technicians and paramedics who will help to support nurses, physicians, veterinarians, dentists, and pharmacists during the events (Miramonti et al., 2015). Furthermore, these auxiliary healthcare workers may be integrated into an all-threat emergency care system. Secondly, the introduction of media training intended for the

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